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In This FREE download "Causes, Treatment and Prevention of Back Pain For a Better Quality of Life", I put my 38+ years of experience, knowledge and expertise to work to provide you with information and materials containing simple, actionable advice that has been proven to work and could be the difference between suffering for weeks versus suffering for a lifetime.


-- Common mistakes made by the office worker that are causing, or adding to, pain in the low back.

-- Changes that can be made by you or your loved ones sleeping habits to stop the causation of pain throughout the night.

-- Quick anatomic breakdown of the back and much, much more!

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What's Inside This Report?


Common Causes

From muscle strains to poor posture. Everything you need to know about the origination and causation of low back pain



So you struggle from back pain, what are your options? This report provides actionable advice to help rid yourself of the unwanted discomfort.


Short term relief is not the goal. Follow these 10 at home prevention tips and let's keep the pain away!



Weighing in on the difference between flexion and extension exercises/rehab strategies, and which style better addresses your symptoms.

What others are saying about Trade Winds

Jesse Baker

All American Second Basemen, UTSA

"I went to see John in December with a seemingly impossible task. I had a ruptured disc in my lower back and had shoulder pain with my baseball season less than 2 months away. In a months time, John had not only eased my pain, but sent me back to San Antonio with a regimen that kept me on the field and playing at a high level. I did not miss one game that season, a feat that would not have been possible without John and Trade Winds Physical Therapy."


Brenham Resident 

“John has saved me from two separate surgeries. After a few weeks of therapy /treatment, I was released by John with home exercises that he continued to follow up with me on. I saved a ton of money and feel whole again!!!”

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